To celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride month in June, the videogame.cafe specialty coffee label created and minted the first non-fungible token exclusively intended to honor the cause. The NFT is a digital collectible, a kind of cryptographic token in blockchain that represents something absolutely unique, exclusive and valuable.


The first NFT created to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride
Blockchain ID
LGBTOQEN is LIVE on Ethereum blockchain. Please verify the Eternal Pride clicking on links bellow
Birth Date: 06.18.2020
TX Block Height: 10289648
ERC-721 TokenID [7]
Timestamp: 12:19:01 PM (UTC)
Bid to help
This NFT will be listed on 06.28.2021. Make your offer to help the cause. The amount collected will be donated to an worldwide organization fighting for LGBTQIA rights.